KILLING BUSINESS…for no good reason

We frequently talk about the public discourse in America.It’s often confrontational and it’s just as often wrong!I am not surprised at people who are ill informed, but taking that ignorance to levels of trying to stop businesses from doing business is a bit much.We see it with governments and Chick-fil-A.And now, we see it with misinformed parents or willing liars as they turn on Papa John’s Pizza even if it costs their kids and their school districts fundraising dollars.

Our example is from the State College, Pennsylvania school district.In the past school year the district succumbed to parental protests and gave a more expensive vendor (Dominos) the contract.This year the food services managers recommend Papa John’s as, again, the less expensive option.

Parents, again outraged that a racist company could get the contract, are speaking out.They point to Papa John’s founder John Schnatter’s comments about the NFL kneeling protests hurting his company’s bottom line and his use of the N-word in an office discussion of words not to be used as evidence of racism on Schnatter’s part.It’s inaccurate and on top of that it’s just wrong to do.

One parent said kids are very impressionable and that using the racist company would somehow impress upon them that racism is acceptable.Wait a minute.Kids, unless indoctrinated by their parent’s misconceptions or outright lies, have no concerns over boardroom discussions of language or NFL protests.They are concerned if their pizza is good and that’s about it.

These parents have already cost their school district by pushing the falsehood and are trying to do so again.If your social agenda is more important than your kids’ education, you have priorities that are way out of whack.

Instead of considering this nonsense the district should educate the parents and make the best fiscal decision for the schools and those kids.


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