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Congratulations to the Viera Suntree Junior Leaguers who had a great run in the national tournament.They are the US runners up and represented themselves and our area very well.Be proud of these kids!

Has Disney awakened to the reality that they are just too expensive for some folks?It appears they may have and this could mean fun times for some who otherwise may have skipped the Disney parks for other options.

When the education establishment has an agenda those on the inside have to be compliant.I started to say careful, but that isn’t even close.The teachers’ union has an agenda as well, but they need to stop the lies if they want the public on board.

The New York Times was a focus for us last week as we saw how they are simply a propaganda tool for the Democrats.Now, the Times is all in against the president for 2020.

A deeper look into Jeffery Epstein’s incarceration in Florida shows that he was provided a very special brand of justice, one that only the few can receive.

Senator Jeff Brandes wants to dump the Constitution Revision Commission and he’s right.The County Commission is trying to put the civility nonsense to rest.Let’s hope that is successful as well.


Viera Suntree Juniors had a great run

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Making (bad) life decisions due to climate change

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