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Boaters Missing Off Port Canaveral 

(Port Canaveral, FL) -- A search is underway for two missing boaters. Brian McCluney and Justin Walker went fishing Friday off Port Canaveral and haven't been seen since. The search yesterday focused on the Jacksonville area, where McCluney is a firefighter. His wife tells Florida Today she has an army of people holding her and supporting her in prayer.

Daytona Beach Man Arrested After Mass Shooting Texts 

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- A Daytona Beach man is in custody after sending mass shooting texts to his ex-girlfriend. Tristan Wix allegedly told the woman that he would like to break a world record, according to the Orlando Sentinel. One of the texts said, "a good 100 kills would be nice." The ex-girlfriend alerted police. Wix reportedly told officers that he is fascinated with mass shootings but he does not own any guns. He is being held without bond. 

Hundreds Stung By Jellyfish 

(DeLand, FL) -- Hundreds of beachgoers in Volusia County have more than just a sunburn to deal with today. Beach Safety Ocean Rescue says more than 900 people were stung by jellyfish this weekend. Almost 600 were stung Saturday, and over 300 were stung yesterday.

Man Bitten By Alligator 

(Titusville, FL) -- A man is hurt after getting bitten by an alligator in Brevard County. FWC says the man was hunting gators in the Three Forks Conservation area this weekend near Palm Bay when it happened. He was pulling a gator onto his boat when the gator bit his hand and arm. He was taken to the hospital, and police say he'll survive, but he suffered a very serious limb injury.  

Leon County Reverts To Old School Bus System Today 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Getting to school should be a more comfortable experience today for Leon County students. The district, starting today, is reverting to the old bus routes that were in place last year. The new system that was unrolled last week for the first day of school became what the superintendent called a colossal failure. District officials say they're looking forward to a much smoother start today.  

Star Wars Barbie Is A Hot Seller On Amazon 

(undated) -- The Star Wars Barbie is a hot seller on Amazon. Mattel announced on Tuesday their new Star Wars collection of Barbie Dolls, inspired by the 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope. The three new Barbies wear high-fashion designs based on Princess Leia, Darth Vader and R2-D2, and include accessories. Each Barbie is 100-dollars and goes on sale November 18th, but pre-orders have already pushed the Star Wars Barbie into the Amazon top 20 of best-selling toys.

Vultures Overtake Florida Vacation Home 

(West Palm Beach, FL) -- One Florida vacation home is nearly uninhabitable after being overtaken by dozens of black vultures. A New York couple told the Palm Beach Post that the vultures have taken up residence at their 700-thousand dollar West Palm Beach house, vomiting and pooping all over the property. According the couple, the birds have destroyed the pool and screen enclosures making the home smell "like a thousand rotting corpses." A neighbor says many of the vultures became trapped in her pool enclosure, violently tearing each other apart when they could not find a way out. Experts say the unique vultures throw up as a form of self-defense to scare away predators. Most property owners have very few options when their place is taken over by the federally protected birds.  


2015, Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to having sex with minors and child pornography charges. The former "Subway Guy" accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.

1960, two dogs were launched into Earth's orbit by the Soviet Union.

1950, ABC Television begins the tradition of Saturday morning kids shows. "Animal Clinic" and "Acrobat Ranch" were the first two shows on the air.

1942, the U.S. launched its first offensive in the Pacific during World War Two. The event took place at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. 

1934, Adolf Hitler was elected Fuhrer in Germany. More than 90-percent of the voters elected him to office. 

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