Banning Guns, Knives and Words

There will be gargantuan efforts at banning certain firearms across the country in the several legislatures across the land.Let’s say for a minute they are successful and the violence still goes on.What’s next?Yep, knives are next!We only have to look to England for the stupidity to follow.What’s after knives, ball bats and any other implement of potential destruction?Words are next, but we have the order wrong, words are already a problem.

What’s the best way to kill your ability to make a living pursuing your passion?You make it impossible for the people who pay you to do so by demanding they pay you more than they bring in.

Florida has a broad public records law that is intended to protect the public from unscrupulous officials.Does it work that way?Hardly!In fact, some officials use it in exactly the opposite way.The Florida legislature will have dueling gun bills in 2020.Which way will they go, banning some semi-automatic weapons or finally allowing people on a college campus to protect themselves?The felon voting restoration law has raised a new question by a federal judge: what if restitution is unconstitutional?

Florida Today’s Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel is with us in hour 3.We shot TV for next Wednesday’s Eye on Brevard yesterday and we have plenty to discuss.


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