Baseball, Chickens and Sad, Sad Realizations

The Viera Suntree Junior League team suffered a loss in the JLL World Series yesterday.Fullerton, CA won the game 12-5.That drops Viera into the loser’s bracket where they play Michigan in an elimination game today at 4pm.Florida Today reports that a win there would send them to Friday’s US final with that winner advancing to Sunday’s championship.

We are, as a species, very smart and extremely stupid.Let’s look at the latter…we are so ready to find victims or oppressors we’ll believe anything!Oregon takes a shot at proving it as your eggs there will have to come from free range chickens, as long as they can survive home, home on the range!

What has America come to as people in Philadelphia were harassing cops as the cops were in a gun battle?Even before that happened the governor of PA announced his unilateral action on gun control and violence.

Florida’s constitutional revision process is horrible.There are some good ideas for changing the process, but is has to go through the nightmare process to come to pass.

Neal Levine has announced he’s resigning…he’s making nearly $90k for part time work for Brevard’s art community.Not going to miss that!

The New York Times knows it’s biased…and even the natives who work there are getting restless!

Welcome to Thursday- this is Bill Mick LIVE!


Ready to be victims (or see oppression everywhere)

Free the chickens!

What has our country come to?

Even before this the PA governor wants more gun control

Good ideas for FL Constitution, bad process to get there!

BCA leaderless, does the money funnel stop?

The Gray Lady blinks

Even folks inside the Times know it!

The coolest internships

Making (bad) life decisions due to climate change

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