WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Everybody wants Port $

Gun store ads may be controversial by their very nature, at least to the anti-gun crowd.But, is a back to school sale wise?We’ll see what you think as we begin our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.When the law has schools undermining parents can the law be right?I hardly think so.One father faced a nightmare from the school with his autistic daughter.

The Brevard Federation of Teachers voted overwhelmingly to reject the district’s contract offer.Oh, they’ll get the money, but the other work condition issues that had been negotiated are gone.This is happening only a week after the district and the union had announced a cooperative effort for the next year’s contract.

Representative Tyler Sirois was with us last week detailing his desire to have the Port get some skin in the game by using some 2% of its revenue for lagoon restoration.Now one TDC member says the Port should kick in $10 for the proposed aquarium to be built on Port grounds.Has the Port won the lottery and is now seeing family members it did not know it had come out of the water?

We have those stories and more on tap, but today’s your day!It’s what WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY is all about.Your topic takes hold when you call the show and lay it out; because on this day, if it’s on your mind it’s on Bill Mick LIVE.


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