If You’re Always the Victim…

All of us will experience a sense of being unfairly treated at one time or another.We will either handle at that time with expectations of corrective behavior or we’ll let it slide.Most of us will take it in stride and either adjust our behavior to be more conducive to good results or write it off to the ignorance of the perpetrator.Others will either be unable to get past it or too immature to reason through it.How we react to these situations says much more about us than it does the bad actor.

How do you react when you profoundly disagree with someone else’s perception of an issue or situation?Is your reaction one that your children would be proud to see and that you’d be proud to have them display in their own lives?Or, do you perhaps embrace the victimhood and try to play that for all it is worth?Do you claim you are always on the receiving end and that it’s unfair or because of some bias of nearly everyone with whom you interact?

If your choice is the latter, how do you survive being of such low self esteem that you can barely function?What example are you setting for your kids or others in how you relate to other humans who are every bit as entitled to their observations as you are your own?Is retaliation the goal you have in mind?Does it bring you vindication to be able to say it isn’t your fault, to always place blame on others?

Adults have different opinions and in our political world they seem to be more divided than ever.We have always had differences, but have we always acted like children when expressing them or being on the other side of popularity?If I gauged my day that way I would just have to stay in bed.I am an opinionated guy.I share those opinions daily.I don’t expect anyone to agree, much less everyone to agree with me.I also don’t expect them to assign me motives that are based in their own insecurities.Yet, it happens.

I’ve had my employment, livelihood and even my personal well being threatened because of differences adults should be able to handle, but simply can’t.I have seen others suffer the same at the hands of the emotionally insecure.

It’s time we all grow the heck up, be adults and understand that sticks and stones may indeed break our bones, but words…words can be downright silly when at every turn we play the victim and whine that we’re being unfairly picked on.Choose your words, own them and stand for what you believe.And if your argument can’t withstand scrutiny, leave the name calling and whining to the playground with the kids.They should eventually learn their way out of it.For if you haven’t done this, there may be no hope for you.


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