While we celebrate the success of the Viera Little League’s Junior League team (keep it going, guys), they may face a future where their choice of agent, should they move on to the highest levels of the game, is unavailable to them because of a stupid rule the NCAA is putting in play.

A Texas Democratic congressman tried something that is nothing short of political terrorism.It backfired in a huge way.Not knowing your audience is a huge problem when you pull a political stunt.

All kids think of being cops or firefighters, but would you do the job?Marshall Frank’s Florida Today column gives pause to the idea.Our cops are serving in schools in numbers unlike before, but what else are schools trying to do for safety concerns?

In Tallahassee Governor Ron DeSantis is busy.He’s removed Scott Maddox from office and asked the state Supreme Court to rule on the felon voting law.

One local legislator is in a state of perpetual victimhood and whining.The bullying representative seems to be able to dish it out and find faint whispers that he sees as wildfires when it comes to his detractors.


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Dem tried political terrorism- it backfires

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DeSantis removes Maddox from office

Asks Supremes for Felon Voting ruling

The perpetual victimhood of a Florida legislator

The French Interloper is rolling in dough

Biden: Dem frontrunner can’t recall when he was VP

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