Football season is upon us.School is starting, colleges and the NFL are gearing up and so are the folks who officiate those contests.That is except for some Florida High School officials.Some of them are considering striking.

The trans-athletes who are beating women in women’s contests are getting federal review.Title IX came about in the 1970’s and equality for women in sport was a focus.Now women are getting the short end when it comes to a special interest group.

Do you agree with every single policy of your employer?Do you disagree enough that leaving that employment would be an option?It could come down to a calculated choice for some Walmart employees.

There is much talk in the country about safety from mass shootings.It’s pretty apparent that the Democrats in DC don’t want a solution, but talking points against the president.The mainstream media is a partner of the left and nothing says that like the New York Times.

Tallahassee is a cesspool of government corruption and that was evidenced earlier this week in federal court.There will be more to come in that saga.But, some in Florida are privileged and get treatment that most of us would not in our criminal justice system.

Dave Berman watches county government for Florida Today.He’s scheduled with us in today’s 8am hour.We’ll get a look at the county commission’s actions this week and a glimpse of what’s ahead.


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