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Orlando's Mayor Joins Call For New Gun Laws 

(Orlando, FL) -- Orlando's mayor is part of a nationwide call for new gun laws. Buddy Dyer and more than 200 others in the US Conference of Mayors signed a letter yesterday addressed to each party's top Senator. The letter urges Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Chuck Schumer to support two bills designed to close background check loopholes. Congress is out of session, but the letter also urges McConnell and Schumer to call their colleagues back immediately.

Officer Hurt In Pulse Shooting Faces Termination 

(Orlando, FL) -- A police officer hurt in the Pulse nightclub shooting is in danger of losing his job. Officer Mike Napolitano has been out of work since he was shot in the head during the shooting three years ago. He says he received a call yesterday, though, ordering him to return to work or be fired, but he says he has not been cleared to return to duty. Police Chief Orlando Rolon tells Channel 9 he believes something can be worked out to avoid firing Napolitano.

Video Prompts Extra Security At Bay County Schools 

(Panama City, FL) -- There will be extra security at Bay County schools after a disturbing video was posted on Facebook. The video made by an unidentified student contains threats of violence and racist language, but the student will not face charges. Deputies say because the threats only pertain to the student's home, no crime was committed. Still, the sheriff's office decided to have more deputies than usual outside district schools on Monday.  

Man Arrested For Golf Cart Crash In Walmart 

(Gibsonton, FL) -- A Hillsborough County Walmart is dealing with another bizarre incident. Riverview's Michael Hudson was arrested yesterday after police say he drove his golf cart into a Gibsonton store and hit several customers. No one was seriously hurt, but the 56-year-old is facing charges that include aggravated assault. This is the same Walmart on Gibsonton Drive where a man allegedly threatened a shooting over the weekend.

Gas Station Clerk Assaulted 

(Hollywood, FL) -- An irate customer is wanted for assaulting a gas station clerk in Broward County. Surveillance video shows the suspect punching the clerk last week at a gas station in Hollywood on Sheridan Street. The clerk says the attack happened after he refused to serve the man because he was rude and possibly drunk. The clerk is OK, but he tells CBS 4 News the assault felt like it lasted forever.

Florida School Districts Encourage Use Of Fortify Florida App 

(Undated) -- School districts across the state will be encouraging students to use a new app to improve school safety. The Fortify Florida app lets students anonymously report potential threats. Administrators will then use a new behavioral threat assessment tool to decide how serious the threats are, then report them to authorities. The app was created and funded by the Legislature in 2018 as part of the Marjory Stoneman High School Public Safety Act.

Apple Offers $1 Million Reward To Professional Hackers 

(Las Vegas, NV) -- Apple is offering a record reward of one-million dollars to cybersecurity researchers to detect flaws in its iPhones. The company made the offer yesterday at the annual Black Hate security conference in Las Vegas. The offer comes a day after security officials demonstrated how to take control of someone else's iPhone by just sending a text. Apple has been trying to upgrade its security on the phones as more and more governments are seeking third parties to help them hack into the personal phones of dissidents, journalists and human rights advocates. The previous high reward was 200-thousand.


1975, the Louisiana Superdome opened. The facility cost 163-million dollars to build.

1974, President Richard Nixon's resignation became official. He was the first U.S. President to resign.

1969, actress Sharon Tate, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, and three others were found brutally murdered in Tate's L.A. home. Cult leader Charles Manson and his disciples were later convicted of the killings.

1945, three days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.

1936, Jesse Owens became the first American to win four medals in one Olympics.

1910, A-J Fisher received a patent for the electric washing machine.

1859, Nathan Ames patented the escalator.

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