It seems that even if you coddle and adore animals that PETA would rather they be left alone.Now the using-animals-as-an-excuse-to-raise-money organization just may be cutting its own throat as they go after The Tonight Show for having animals featured on the program.

As we discussed yesterday, it’s not always guns that are the weapon of choice or convenience.We have a very good answer to the question Jim in Rockledge fired off regarding the number of bullets necessary for self defense.Governor Ron DeSantis would like to see the politics out of the shooting and safety discussion.The Democrats in DC don’t want a solution, only an ant-Trump talking point.

Have you taken politics too far in your life?One writer gives us a prime example.The New York Times is a slave to the politics of the left and it is very evident.

Privilege exists for some in our criminal justice system.Jeffrey Epstein is certainly one of those.The FDLE is taking a look.


PETA takes on The Tonight Show

It’s not always a gun taking out a bad guy

The answer to Jim’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY question

DeSantis wants politics out of shootings discussion

Dems in DC don’t want a solution, just an argument

Taking politics too far

The Gray Lady blinks

Tallahassee corruption plea almost derailed by defendant

Politics and crime- apparently privilege exists for some

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