WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Florida Republicans Coming for Your Guns

It’s not just the Democratic presidential candidates that want your guns.We’d best be wary of the Republican controlled Florida Legislature.While having no qualms about stomping on the 2nd Amendment for school safety, and failing to correct those issues as promised, Tallahassee now has its sights on public safety and mass shootings.They have declared that nothing is off the table and that is a scary proposition.

We did see what may be positive movement in Indialantic with the Country Rose building painting issue.It appears the Brevard Federation of Teachers and the School District have decided to enter a cooperative effort when it comes to seeking better compensation for our teachers.Maybe BIG TONY has learned a lesson from all the negative posturing…and maybe he’s finally listening to talk radio.

What people will do after tragedy strikes is appalling.What some are trying with families of shooting victims is downright horrible.The New York Times, the Gray Lady herself has blinked.The Times published a story about the president’s reaction to the weekend tragedies and it had an accurate, but disliked by the left, headline.What did the Times do?They changed the headline to match the left’s chosen rhetoric. The newspaper of record is now the newspaper of propaganda.

Governor DeSantis has ordered an investigation into the Florida prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein.The light conviction and sentence that were allowed as well as the special treatment he received while in very loose custody raises serious questions.Let’s hope they get answers.

We had a couple of guilty pleas in the Tallahassee city corruption investigations, but they almost didn’t happen.The defendants were waffling and not wanting to admit guilt while entering the plea.That dog doesn’t hunt in federal courts and the judge made the record clear.What remains to be seen is the level of cooperation the now convicts have and will provide.Can anyone say, “Defendant Andrew Gillum?”


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