Once an Admiral Always…?

I was a little surprised Monday when Port Commissioner Wayne Justice called the show. He’s never called or engaged other than when he was running for office, if he did then.It was especially surprising because we already had one Port Commissioner on the show in the person of Robyn Hattaway. Most officials I know would consider that a Sunshine violation unless the show had been noticed as a public meeting. State Representative Tyler Sirois was also in studio as we were discussing his idea of the state requiring the port of use some 2% of its revenue for lagoon renewal efforts.

This is an idea in the initial stages and the port, as Sirois reminded Justice during his call, was aware or should have been. The port’s lobbyist had called Sirois at least a week prior to the announcement to confirm that it was being proposed.Justice, in an angry and somewhat arrogant tone, was asserting the port had been ambushed with a “tax” by Sirois and was quite indignant about it. I chastised Justice for his combative and inaccurate depictions and invited him to a professional conversation between two adult elected officials. Sirois never needed that admonition as it was what he had been seeking.

The Port seems awful unfriendly to vendors, cruise customers and the idea that any port revenues may not be directed by them. I would like to see them embrace who they are and become a better community partner and more friendly to the people who give them a reason to exist.

Justice and other commissioners have not been especially friendly to Hattaway, either. Yet, she seems to be the only one to even think of holding their spending and contract standards up to any kind of scrutiny. If the other commissioners attitude toward her are like Justice’s toward Sirois, no wonder they feel threatened.

Maybe this whole thing is an indicator that the “good ole boys club” at the port needs a few more Hattaways and lot less mouth from Justice and his cronies. Or maybe, just maybe, someone needs to open those books they are so vigorously protecting and see just what is what at the Canaveral Port Authority.

You can hear the hour and the call here and decide for yourself.


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