A Tale of Three Cities

A buddy of mine is fond of saying the left always eats its own.It does seem we have plenty of examples and today is no different.Bill Maher has been good about calling out Dem errors and now the unions are saying if the party keeps up the march left that the unions won’t be there for them.

Bryan Lober is stealing a good idea, but will it work?Some elected officials or even wannabes like blocking dissenting opinion on social media.That could mean problems for them.

A tale of three cities: Melbourne, Indialantic and Tallahassee, and the greatest problem is in Tallahassee.

Apparently one Florida lawmaker thinks all of our problems are over so we can deal with problems of cats.Oh, and one other thing…Barack Obama needs to shut up.


When Hollywood types don’t comply with the doctrine

Maher: Dems are blowing it

2020 Dems get warning from unions

Lober floats reward idea to commission

Blocked by an elected official…they could be in trouble

Melbourne city golf course has a payday problem

Tally trouble more extensive than Gillum wanted us to believe

Indialantic has a control problem (government control)

FL Dem wasting time like NY counterparts

Barack Obama needs to shut up

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