They are events that have become all too common in America.Two tragic shootings over the weekend rocked El Paso, Dayton and the country.There are stories to tell of evil shooters and heroes.There are the political conversations that happen after any such incident.Nothing goes without being politicized these days.The solutions proposed are not the solutions to these events.America doesn’t want to hear the real solution.The country doesn’t want to recognize that we have turned away from the faith that kept many on the straight and narrow.We believe in our own flawed morality and that we are, ourselves, the ultimate judge.That arrogance has led us to each man deciding for himself what is moral and just and with nobody to answer to, we are justified in our actions.It also brings on the reality that some families will never be the same.

We have other stories to talk today; we won’t get to many, if any of them.However we will, in our 8am hour, take the time to welcome State Representative Tyler Sirois and Port Commissioners Robyn Hattaway into the studio as Representative Sirois has an idea for lagoon restoration that sounds good, but is being met with at least some official resistance.


El Paso

El Paso shooting leaves 20 dead

The menifesto


Mom saves child…loses her life

Man acts to save kids during shooting


9 dead 27 injured in Dayton

Of course the politicians weigh in


When Hollywood types don’t comply with the doctrine

Blocked by an elected official…they could be in trouble

Lober floats reward idea to commission

Melbourne city golf course has a payday problem

2020 Dems get warning from unions

Maher: Dems are blowing it

Sirois has a lagoon plan…will the Port want to chip in?

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