Actors, Journos, Teachers, DWT and a Pot Problem in FL

Mario Lopez is/was a Hollywood darling.He was a good lookin’ kid on Saved by the Bell, he’s now the host of Access Hollywood and he took a stand on parenting and transgender kids.Well, he took a stand until there was backlash.

A New York journalist shows us why knowing the history of your paper’s coverage is important for those in the news business.Florida Today gives us a few lessons on the implementation of the DWT law.Driving While Texting.Is marijuana now legal in Florida by default?Some prosecutors say so.Florida is appealing the decision that was a blow to preemption of gun laws by local jurisdictions.

Brevard teachers are considering turning down the recent contract offered by the district.If they do they lose much more than the monetary gains.

We’ll see where these stories take us on a Thursday morning.


Mario Lopez: hero to zero

Why journalists need to know the history of their coverage

DrivingWhileTexting- a few lessons

Pot legal by default?

State appealing preemption ruling

Teachers consider voting “no” on contract

Trashing our elections…could be coming

The Supremes…suddenly not the final word?

Judge dismisses Dem fantasy

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