Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle and now the US border, so why not the show?It’s your day to storm the show with calls bringing your topics to the table at 321-768-1240.And yes, the storm the border thing is real and it’s on tap for discussion on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.So are these stories:

What is it with the food tampering fad?Should scholastic Dodgeball result in assault charges for a student-player?How do the royals save the planet? They do it by not breeding excessively!Is there a solution for feral cat feeders?One Ohio town has an idea.Does being a gun store limit your first amendment rights?Some think so.Will Florida trash our election system?Is the Supreme Court the final word or not?It’s good to see at least one court seeing through the Democratic Party fantasies.

Let’s see just where this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY takes us…


Food tampering- suspect arrested

Dodgeball brings charges for 10 year old

Prince and Markle save the planet

The feral cat solution

Apparently being a gun store takes your rights away

Now folks want to ‘storm the border”

Trashing our elections…could be coming

The Supremes…suddenly not the final word?

Judge dismisses Dem fantasy

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