Adulthood-Apparently Tough for Millennials

While children may stay on their parents’ health insurance policies until 26, it seems that may be a bit too soon to expect them to take responsibility for themselves. We’ve had another restaurant ask a cop to leave because he was working and armed. At least this one gets the error of its ways and is working to correct it.

There are studies about anything and everything and academia holds itself out as the arbiter of all things studied and true. We are relying on the wrong folks to validate these things. The process needs someone with common sense.

A weekend Florida Today story points to a tax windfall for Brevard County, yet we have busted a tax cap for the upcoming budget. The Brevard School Board is seeking solutions for their next budget year and beyond.Are they to be found? Time will tell.


70% of millennials getting financial help from parents, others

Restaurant steps up, apologizes for treatment of cop

Biased studies of the left exposed, not without penalty

County has “tax windfall” and we bust the cap

School Board seeking solutions on budget issues

The Supremes…suddenly not the final word?

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