RAT: The Redemption Tour

In my years on the job I never, repeat never, had an informant try and be the headline of a story. In fact, publicity was to be avoided if for nothing else than the safety of the informant. Those who became known were potentially subject to harassment, physical violence and even murder attempts. Not here in Brevard, at least not in the Palm Bay Isnardi/Aguiar case. Informant Stuart Buchanan is grabbing and hanging onto the spotlight for dear life. The would-be hero of the case, at least that’s how he presents it and seems to want it perceived, is (from reading this story) a lifelong criminal who turns informant when the heat is on.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not anti-informant, I cultivated them and managed them throughout my drug cop career; but when the people we affectionately call rats run to the spotlight instead of the shadows, there is something very, very wrong. This story is being oversold by Buchanan. It’s as if he almost doesn’t believe himself and trying way too hard to attain credibility. We’ll examine that during today’s show.

As we begin our week together, am I missing something or would removing US Territory status from Puerto Rico not be a detriment for the island? Why does AOC want to cut them loose? What do Puerto Ricans think?

There are dangers in assuming a gender not your own.Imagine going to an ER and not telling the staff you’re actually a chick instead of the man you look like. Yes, it happened and “he” lost the baby.

If you are taking on a political campaign these days it pays to be politically astute. If you want to unseat a darling of the left, you’d better be good and have a good excuse for those criminal charges you’re facing…or not!


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RAT: The Redemption Tour

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