How Much Help Does It Take?

A flasher got his due when the former military mom he flashed brought instant justice to the situation.How much help do we need with robocalls?Can we not ignore calls from numbers we don’t know?Can’t we wait for a voice mail?Can’t we harass the robocallers as much as they are harassing us?

One Florida college is going to extremes in its attack on a shooting advocate who posted her picture with a gun on social media. And an Ohio college is crying poormouth in the huge judgment it faces for damaging the business of the town bakery.

Viera East has imposed a big assessment on its residents, some of whom are very unhappy, but did they not know where they were living?

Florida Today’s John Torres is with us in our final hour today.John’s always a great guest and another season of Murder on the Space Coast isn’t far off!


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Viera East passes bond

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