It All Comes Back to Communication

Can I interest you in abduction insurance? No, not kidnapping insurance, but ALIEN abduction insurance! Yes, it’s a thing. Often businesses combine their efforts to reach their shared customers. Some businesses don’t think before joining forces. And then there is the politically engaged business owner who tries to have some fun with the news and his customers. He may have forgotten he’s in California and the scorn is raining down upon him.

One school district was going after parents whose kids’ lunch bills were unpaid. A benefactor stepped up to pay for all and the district said no. They’ve had a change of heart.

In what may be a surprise, Ruth Bader Ginsberg says stacking the court for political purposes is a bad idea. Robert Mueller testified in congress yesterday. No, I didn’t watch it, but maybe you did. I have 5 takeaways from news reports of the day. We’ll take your thoughts on the less than stellar events.


Just to be safe…abduction insurance (no, not kidnapping)

How to inspire your customers, then lose them

or you could do this…

School district didn’t want lunch money, but to punish

Ginsburg speaks on packing the court

Be careful where you live- Right, Viera East?

The 5 takeaways from the Mueller hearings

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