WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: New Rapper-Busta TaxCap!

Recently we discussed the Colorado State University Inclusive Language Guide.The school’s defending it (of course they are).Here’s an idea, let’s take a bunch of hormone driven teens and have a topless pool party with no parents allowed.Yes, that idea has been proposed.

Bernie Sanders is getting a taste of capitalism and unions along with it.The City of New Orleans has fired two cops for having opinions they don’t like.John Tobia pulled his civility ordinance before it could go down in flames.Sheriff Wayne Ivey, aka: Busta TaxCap had his way with the county commission yesterday as a 4-1 vote did not look at how he spends the money or how the commission does.

We have those stories and more in play today, but the big question is: what’s on your mind?Your topics drive the show today as you lay them out for us on a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.


Colorado State slams coverage of “Inclusive Language Guide”

Topless pool parties for kids…no parents allowed!

Bernie experiences capitalism and unions

Facebook post get 2 New Orleans cops fired

Tobia’s pulls civility ordinance

The rapper sheriff: Busta TaxCap

Be careful where you live- Right, Viera East?

College Bias Complaints that will make you say, “Huh?”

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