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Note Left With Abandoned Baby Indicates 'Dangerous' Father

(Orlando, FL) -- A note left with an abandoned baby may give police some insight into the mother's thinking. The one-day-old baby was found on the doorstep of an Orlando apartment complex this weekend. A note left with the baby says the boy's dad tried to kill him and the mother, and he's a very dangerous man. Police are still looking for the mother, who could face charges for not leaving the baby in a designated safe haven. 

Brevard Sheriff To Ask For More Funding 

(Titusville, FL) -- Brevard County's sheriff will be making an unusual budget request today. Sheriff Wayne Ivey is expected to ask the county commission to override a cap on how much funding his office can receive. Ivey says his office has a critical need for more funding so they can enhance school security and offer higher pay. The cap was approved by voters over 10 years ago, and the five-member commission needs four votes to override it.  

PCB Fire Chief Discusses New Approach To Beach Rescue 

(Panama City Beach, FL) -- Firefighters in Panama City Beach will soon have more responsibility for ensuring beach safety. The fire department will assume control of the city's Beach Patrol in October. Fire Chief Larry Couch told the News Herald yesterday some firefighters will make up a Beach Rescue Division at the city pier, and others will be part of a roving team that responds to emergencies. Meanwhile, the city council this week will consider allowing police to arrest swimmers who ignore double red flag warnings.  Panama City had announced last week that firefighters will no longer respond to EMS calls.Those will be handled by the county. City Manager Mark McQueen says most calls to the fire department were for medical emergencies, and that has strained the city's resources.

Woman Accused Of Groping Passengers And Crew On Sightseeing Boat 

(Tarpon Springs, FL) -- A Pasco County woman is facing charges for not keeping her hands to herself on a sightseeing cruise. Port Richey's Lisa Matteson was arrested for allegedly groping passengers and crew members of both sexes last week on the Sponge O Rama. The captain says she also told a Middle East couple to go back to where they came from. The captain tells News Channel 8 he contacted police and returned to port early when Matteson refused to stop her unruly behavior.

Storm Area 51 Event Has Rival In Bermuda Triangle Event 

(Undated) -- While a Facebook movement to storm Area 51 is gaining steam, a rival event is garnering a lot of attention. Anthony Carnovale has launched a Facebook page called "Storm the Bermuda Triangle," saying "it can't swallow all of us." So far, more than 40-thousand people have expressed interest in attending a party scheduled for October 1st. Carnovale has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the event. The Facebook page says that attendees must dress as Spongebob characters or Pirates. 

Ivanka Trump Mocked On Social Media Over "All White" Dog 

(Undated) -- One of the President's top advisers is facing backlash over an addition to her family. First daughter Ivanka Trump is receiving resounding criticism after announcing her family had gotten a blue-eyed, white dog named Winter for her daughter. Twitter users have accused her of preferring whiteness, like her father President Donald Trump has been accused. Some have mocked the dog's appearance, the fact Trump didn't go to a shelter, and that the timing, when juxtaposed to the immigration crisis, was not the best. 


2007, during an interview with David Letterman on CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman," comedian Drew Carey announced that he would replace Bob Barker as host of the long running CBS game show "The Price Is Right." 

1999, Eileen Collins became the first woman to command a U.S. space flight with the launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. The mission lasted four days. 

1996, The U.S women's gymnastics team won its first-ever team gold at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. The 1996 team was nicknamed "magnificent seven."

1962, the "Telstar" communications satellite sent the first live television broadcast from the United States to Europe.

1903, the Ford Motor Company completed the sale of its first automobile to Chicago dentist Ernst Plennig.

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