Elena Kagan: Settled Law is No More

Today’s media is mostly digital.The technology is amazing and it makes the job easier.It can also make the job challenging, or even funny.Politics divide us nationally and it’s spread even to our small towns.This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.No, it’s still funny.

You know how the left has a litmus test for the Supreme Court and that it’s whether or not “Roe v Wade” is settled law.Well, kiss that standard goodbye and at the hands of none other than Justice Elena Kagan. One has to wonder if the justice knew what she was doing when she said she’ll never accept a recent decision by her own court!

Sheriff Ivey is claiming critical need for his budget and wants the County Commission to bust the tax cap on MSTU's. We'll take a look.The grand jury on school safety, one of the sheriff’s concerns, is pointing out districts that are not complying with the terms of the Stoneman Douglas safety act.The districts and sheriffs seem to be passing the buck. Viera East is a special taxing district and residents there are surprised at what the district pans in assessments and projects.

Florida Today’s Rick Neale will join us at 8am to talk hurricane preparedness and the fact that we generally don’t do any of that.Let’s hope we are smarter than that should a storm actually hit us as opposed to passing by.


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