Now THAT Will Make You Feel Better

If we are unexpectedly injured (and when you are injured when is it not unexpected?) we’ll often shout something and it’s usually rather loud.Did your folks ever look at you and ask if the yelling helped?It turns out it actually may have, although the chosen words may not be appreciated by mom.

And since marijuana for medicinal purposed has been decriminalized in Florida maybe what we see next is a California plan.After all, isn’t group therapy a good thing?But let’s not grab onto all of California’s idiocy.Some things, in spite of activism to the contrary, just don’t need to be changed.

Palm Bay is jumping on the marijuana bandwagon, but the focus seems to be more about mounting fines than it is about easing up on personal marijuana use.

When it comes to fines we have Dunedin (and other locations) going all out on code enforcement penalties even if a home has been foreclosed.We also like regulation in Florida, the First Amendment be damned!

Nationally the president has another win over Obamacare and Bernie Sanders is learning a lesson about a $15/hour minimum wage.


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