50 years Ago: One Small Step

While we deal with a huge number of problems here on Earth, we are in the midst of celebrating one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments.At the same time we are poised to go beyond where we have been by going back to the moon and then…Mars and whatever may come.In our 8am hour Florida Today’s Executive Editor Mara Bellaby and Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel will join us to look at the history and the return to the moon and future of American space exploration.

As we begin our day we’ll look at some of those earthly issues like running off the homeless, being stupid in higher education and the politics of American living.


West Palm Beach driving out the homeless- sort of

Grad student being investigated for logical biological claims

Why do we pay (and borrow) for college when this is what we get?

Uber/Lyft pay drivers to protest law making them employees

Piers Morgan: fair and balanced?

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