WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Hurricanes to Trigger Warnings

No more hurricanes is a good idea…unless you’re a fan of the University of Miami.Unknowing social activist students have weighed in on renaming The U’s mascot because, of course, hurricane victims could be triggered.Speaking of…who (besides those of us with common sense) knew that trigger warnings at American colleges are useless.It took a study, but Harvard has a couple of professors that figured it out!

Our world is ever more technologically advanced.It’s a good thing, mostly.We could be nearing a time when getting away with a crime could be nearly impossible.The bad guys in one of today’s stories found that out the hard way.

PETA rarely makes sense and we have yet another example of their idiocy.How do you kill an invasive species?Any way you can…unless you follow PETA’s advice.

Today’s controversial topic: a Melbourne police officer is working with a restricted driver’s license because of a DUI arrest.Should this offense which was not prosecuted, cost the cop her job?

Brevard County’s proposed budget is $1.31 billion dollars.How do you like that?

With all that and more on my mind, today is your day.These topics, one of your own, they’re all on tap on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.Get your topic in play at 321.768.1240.


No more Hurricanes at THE U?

Be sure your tech will rat you out

Trigger warnings are useless- who knew?

PETA goes stupid on iguana hunting

Should cop be fired for DUI?

Brevard proposed budget $1.31b

Grad student being investigated for logical biological claims

Cops who get a kid’s refreshment stand…and have a laugh

Uber/Lyft pay drivers to protest law making them employees

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