It started as a joke and just like our parents told us; it’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out.Putting the eyes out will be the United States Air Force if these online idiots don’t realize the Air Force will not play games with base security.

Then there’s dealing with idiots face to face. You've seen the armed security personnel if you’ve gone to certain federal office buildings.They aren’t always the top of the protection chain.

USA Today has a story featured in Florida Today about JUUL Labs, one of our sponsors.Yes, I have a take.

It’s nice to know speeding is illegal again on I-95.I usually float around 5 miles per hour over that limit, and get passed like I’m going backwards.But, is there an inconsistency in this initiative?

Democrats in Florida can’t win elections so they want to tinker with election law.This time it’s over a law they crafted when they were in charge…and now that they aren’t it’s somehow not fair!They can’t get along either as powerhouse John Morgan, now a no party affiliate, I believe, and former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum are at odds and even Morgan sees we dodged a bullet in that election.

Lastly, we have a new $7m marketing plan for Brevard tourism.I have to admit, I like what I have seen from Peter Cranis the new tourism Executive Director, but I am still skeptical when it comes to what the TDC has done through the years.Is this enough of a change?


Dealing with idiots online

Then the idiots in person

When adult products are for adults

Speeding is illegal again on I-95

Florida Democrats want court to change law they made

Gillum/Morgan at odds…Morgan feeling ripped off, talking about it

Brevard’s new tourism marketing plan- $7m

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