We don’t get a lot of snail mail anymore. Email and Facebook and other social media have nearly eliminated letters. 

I did get an interesting one Friday. I have it with me right now. The interesting part is how it’s addressed. It may be just a little suspicious and I have had some fun with it...and we will today. The plan is to open the letter in the 8am hour of the show.I have had interesting suggestions on equipment to use in opening the letter, the best of which was: an intern! I’m pretty sure none of that is necessary, but the manner in which the letter was addressed caught my attention.Who cuts and pastes an address on a letter?

Before we get to that we’ll look at these stories:

Bungling baseball-2 is a new idea I used to jokingly suggest.Someone must have been listening.While we don’t have a link, bungling baseball-1 was our first ejection of a coach for arguing balls and strikes with the plate computer in the Atlantic League.

Staying with sports, WV’s Senator Joe Manchin has goes stupid over the US Women’s National Soccer Team.When the ladies’ product has the value of the men’s, then they can have equal pay.Other Senators went off the deep end asking why WNBA players aren’t paid like those in the NBA.

Oreo was playing politics last month with Pronoun Packs…yes, those kinds of pronouns.

Oh, and NOW we see why the lengthy delay in getting Mitch Needelman back into court to face the music.The state was appealing the retrial ruling.Come on, boys, get this scheduled!And Florida Democrats can’t fathom that Bill Nelson lost his seat in the US Senate to Rick Scott.Now they want to blame ballot design.If your voters are too stupid to find the race on the ballot…


Bungling baseball-2

WV’s Joe Manchin goes stupid on women’s soccer

Senators question WNBA pay disparity

Law says no car repair in your garage

The Oreo pronoun Pack

Needelman headed to retrial, but when?

Dems still fighting to give Nelson loss excuse

FL marijuana law unconstitutional…and or or?

Early voting parking question raises another

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