Good News…Dumb News

We begin the day with a church spreading the Good News and the wealth in a way that helps thousands of families.That’s the good news.The Dumb News, well, that’s the rest of our day as Gainesville does something really stupid, Megan McCain forgets the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, John Tobia is trying to avoid a censure for Bryan Lober, Indialantic can’t be glad for new business and the Pulse nightclub community has its panties or lack thereof in a twist over the governor’s proclamation.Oh, one bit of smart news: an Indian River County judge has been assigned to the Isnardi/Aguiar cases.

Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel is scheduled with us in today’s 8am hour.


Good News: Church wipes out medical debt for thousands

Gainesville misses out on an easier way

Megan McCain wrong on Dershowitz

Indian River judge assigned to Isnardi/Aguiar cases

Tobia tries to avoid Lober censure

Indialantic in a tiff over Starbucks

Fuss raised over DeSantis “Pulse” proclamation

FL marijuana law unconstitutional…and or or?

Early voting parking question raises another

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