WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Political Awareness Edition

It’ll be interesting to see if the day holds what’s been promised (or threatened, as the case may be) as the open carry advocates are more than welcome, just like everyone else, to give us a call on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.I’ll try and remember that many of them may have never listened to the show before and may not understand how our discussion works.I want to hear their side; I want to know if they understand the political ramifications of their actions.I want to see if they understand that we are on the same side of the issue with differing viewpoints of how to attain the goal.And I want to see if they are better able to articulate their viewpoints than some of their keyboard warriors who could not refrain from lobbing F-bombs my way as they falsely accused me of \not being a second amendment advocate.

For my part it’s a political awareness edition of the show all the way around.From Confederate Railroad’s class response to being dumped from a county fair performance to the legislature’s lack of awareness on definitions and laws they craft, there are failures all around.

Virginia’s legislature hands the governor his gun grabbing hat and tells him to get out of town.The Brevard County Commission handed the high ground to Bryan Lober’s critics as the focus was on his politically inept statements. Brevard's teachers are being underserved by their union as victory could be claimed in this contract, but BIG TONY prefers to paint his group as a bunch of victims.Melbourne is renaming Airport Boulevard for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.The founder of BET says the Democratic Party has gone too far left…and he’s a big D.

But, today is your day on BML. When we go to the phones, you pick the topics.So the big question today is: What’s on YOUR mind?


Confederate Railroad’s class response to fair that banned them

VA legislature shuts down governor’s gun grab

Commission hands high ground to Lober critics

Teachers to vote on contract in August

Melbourne renames Airport Blvd after MLK, Jr.

BET founder says Dems have gone too far left

FL marijuana law unconstitutional…and or or?

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