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Deadly Shooting In Daytona Beach 

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- A man is dead after a daytime shooting on a public street in Volusia County. Daytona Beach police say two men in a car were being chased by three men in another car when the two cars crashed yesterday afternoon. The two men in the first car tried to get away on foot, but the three men in the other car opened fire on Weaver Street, and one of the victims was killed. The other victim got away, and two suspects were arrested after a high-speed chase.  

Orange County Ranks Third Among Florida Vehicle Thefts 

(Orlando, FL) -- Car thieves are targeting Orange County more than almost any other county in Florida. A report released recently by the FDLE shows Orange County ranked third last year in the number of car thefts. There's some good news, though, as thefts were down nine percent from the year before. Miami-Dade County had the most thefts, followed by Broward County. 

Business Owners Meet With Landlord After Explosion 

(Plantation, FL) -- Business owners affected by the Broward County strip mall explosion don't seem happy with what their landlord is telling them. EDENS, which is in charge of the Market on University plaza, met with their tenants yesterday in Plantation. Tenants say they were told it could take up to 18 months to rebuild, and there's no apparent plan for what will happen in the meantime. Business owners tell Local 10 News they went into the meeting hoping for guidance but left only with frustration.

Launch To Explore Black Holes Will Take Place At KSC 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- A mission NASA describes as groundbreaking will launch from Cape Canaveral. NASA announced this week that it has chosen SpaceX to launch the IXPE explorer from Kennedy Space Center as early as 2021. A Falcon 9 rocket will be used to carry telescopes that can measure X-rays that come from black holes and other objects. NASA says this will allow scientists, for the first time ever, to see the hidden details of some of the most exotic astronomical objects in our universe. 

Leon County Votes To Limit Use Of Plastic Straws 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- It will soon be harder to find plastic straws in Leon County. The county commission voted yesterday to ban the sale of plastic straws and Styrofoam on county property and at county events. This is not an outright ban on the items countywide, but Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley says it's a step forward. Commissioner Bill Proctor was the only one to vote against the new law. 

Earthquakes Are New Trend On Social Media 

(Los Angeles, CA) -- Earthquakes are apparently all the rage now on social media. People have been flocking to the Mojave Desert town of Ridgecrest a few hours away from Los Angeles to take what's being called Seismic Selfies. The two major earthquakes that rattled the town last week created massive cracks in the earth's crust. The L.A. Times has documented folks getting on the ground, trying to fit an arm or a leg in the crack and then snapping a picture to be posted online. The area continues to be rocked by aftershocks, but the chance of another big shaker has dwindled significantly. 

Loud Flatulence Leads To Suspect's Arrest 

(Liberty, MO) -- The Clay County Sheriff's office in Missouri is getting a lot of attention on social media for its announcement of a suspect's arrest on a felony warrant, mostly because of how they caught the individual over the weekend. The suspect was trying to hide, but passed gas so loudly, police were able to figure out where the person was. The Facebook post has been shared nearly one-thousand times since going up on Tuesday. The suspect was wanted for possession of a controlled substance. 


1997, caving in to public pressure, RJR Nabisco announced plans to replace the cartoon character Joe Camel in its new tobacco ads. 

1985, The Coca-Cola Company announced the original Coke would be returning to store shelves under the name Coca-Cola Classic.

1962, the "Telstar" communications satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  

1929, the U.S. Government began issuing paper money in the size we now use.

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