Racists, Nazis, Heroes and Highlanders

As we rewrite history to appease snowflakes you’d best hope your group name doesn’t reference the blighted past.On the other hand, you Nazi audience members should appreciate that the new swastika is a MAGA cap.If you like science fiction and fantasy you’ll appreciate today’s Highlander story.

In real life, a concealed carry license holder in Indian River County kept her cool and avoided a bad situation…and the bad guys were caught because of her acts and those of others. Titusville's Code Board told the city to take its silly little problem down the road.County Commissioner Bryan Lober may have his comeuppance during today’s commission meeting and the commission’s invocation policy has been ruled unconstitutional.I don’t look for much change with either.


What’s in a name?The past!

Welcome to the show, Nazis!

In the end there can be only one

Lady kept her calm in drug robbery

Code Board declines to hear Titusville on Airbnb case

Will Lober’s words come back to haunt him?

Commission prayer policy ruled unconstitutional

Shoplifter injures cop, flees twice before capture

The president on the 4th

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