Flags, Fireworks, Cops and Coffee

The holiday weekend began with disappointing news and ended on an up note.The disappointment was learning that MAD Magazine will stop publication after the August issue.The positive: The US Women’s National Team won the World Cup…and a former kneeler stood for the anthem.Maybe she learned something after all.I do have a soccer question, though.Before the US scored in the second period a TV graphic showed that the US team was shooting for goal with 57% accuracy.This was BEFORE they scored!I suppose after scoring two goals by game’s end their accuracy was like 137%!

When we were talking last Nike was big news and that didn’t stop over the holiday.One minor league baseball team got into the war of words and symbols as did one Democratic lawmaker and a veteran business man.Go Fund Me went anti-cop and so did Starbucks.

The president got good marks for his Independence Day address.

Locally, Congressman Bill Posey has drawn his first opponent and it’s yet another Democrat with zero experience in the political realm.And Titusville is back at it as it continues to go after that Airbnb homeowner after the city’s own board said the law did not support what the city was trying to do.


MAD going away…what, me worry?

Minor League team goes anti-Kaepernick

Democratic lawmaker goes anti-Nike

Veteran business jumps on “Betsy Ross” flag

 Go Fund Me goes anti-cop

So does Starbucks

Then Starbucks apologizes

The president on the 4th

Another Posey opponent a first timer

Titusville continues after Airbnb couple

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