Good News, Strange News, Dumb News

Going viral isn’t always a bad thing.Ford doesn’t have a better idea.Stupid Campaign Tricks.How are those drivers around you?Broward County is looking for more scalps and they all wear badges.Did you see the story about the lady who went to her estranged husband’s house and stole his guns to turn over to police?What do you think about that?GOOGLE and politics: while GOOGLE does have a political slant and had scrubbed this video, how did I find it?Yep, I googled it!


Homeless man sleeping in McDonald’s video gets help

Ford asks dealer to pull gun and Bible give away

Dem ends campaign after employments questions raised

Florida Drivers the worst?Text this!

Broward looking for more scalps…but in the right spots?

She turns in husbands guns, gets charged

Google and politics

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