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Suspect Accused Of Dragging Seminole County Deputy 

(Seminole Co., FL) -- A man is facing numerous charges as he's accused of dragging a Seminole County deputy on Saturday. It happened after Rocky Rudolph Junior was pulled over for a window tint issue which led to Deputy Aaron Blais smelling marijuana. Rudolph is then accused of dragging Blais as he tried to get away, but he ended up being shot and an hours-long search began for him. He was eventually caught and video from the deputy's in-car and body cameras are available on the sheriff's office Facebook page. 

Florida Drivers Can Now Be Pulled Over For Texting And Driving 

(Undated) -- Police can now pull over Florida drivers for texting and driving. A new law takes effect today that makes texting and driving a primary offense. Previously, officers could only cite drivers for texting and driving if they had been pulled over for another infraction. Officers statewide are expected to issue only warnings until January, at which time first offense fines will be thirty dollars plus court costs.

Former Florida Inmate To Sue Over Felon Voting Law 

(Boynton Beach, FL) -- A former inmate is suing the Florida Secretary of State over a law that goes into effect today. Bonnie Raysor of Boynton Beach has not been able to vote for the last decade because of a felony conviction. Under the bill passed by the legislature and signed by Governor DeSantis on Friday, she will now remain unable to vote until she pays off over four-thousand dollars in outstanding fines and fees. Raysor's lawyers say tying someone's ability to pay off debt to their right to vote is unconstitutional. The ACLU has filed a similar lawsuit on behalf of 10 former Florida inmates.

Tampa Bay Rays Offer $2 Tickets   

(St. Petersburg, FL) -- The price of tickets for some upcoming Tampa Bay Rays games shows the team is desperate to fill up Tropicana Field. Fans can get in for two-dollars July first, second and third, when they take on the Baltimore Orioles. Low attendance is one of the main reasons the Rays want to play part of their future seasons in Montreal. 

Head Of MLBPA Comments On Rays Split-Season Idea 

(London) -- The head of the union for Major League Baseball players is commenting on the plan from the Tampa Bay Rays to split their home games between Florida and Montreal. MLB Players Association Executive Director Tony Clark said from London this weekend, where the league held a regular-season contest for the first time, that the proposal would need approval from the union. Clark said it would be a significant burden to require players to have two homes during a season.

Google Maps Detour Strands Over 100 Cars Near Colorado Airport 

(Denver, CO) -- A Google Maps detour left more than 100 cars stranded near a Colorado airport. Drivers said they were headed to Denver International Airport last Sunday when they were diverted due to a crash. The detour led them to a dirt road that was extremely muddy due to rains. In some cases, people were forced to hop into strangers' cars that were able to get through the mud in order to get to their flights on time. Google Maps said often times weather can cause GPS directions to become unreliable. 

Japanese Company Will Turn Pets Into Pearls 

(Nagasaki, Japan) -- With the help of a Japanese company, pet remains can be turned into a pearl necklace, adding a new option for owners to immortalize their companions. WBE, a cosmetics firm, has developed a method to turn a bone fragment into a cultured pearl. The entire process takes a year and costs more than 37-hundred dollars. The method was invented by a graduate school professor who had lost his own dog. The company says they hope to soothe people's grief by turning their beloved pet into a "unique treasure."


1997, boxer Mike Tyson was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission for biting Evander Holyfield during a boxing match.

1991, the Courtroom Television Network was created. The cable television network was designed to broadcast entire trials. 

1980, McGruff The Crime Dog and "Take A Bite Out Of Crime" ad campaign began.

1979, the U.S. Treasury Department introduced the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

1941, Bulova Watch Company sponsored the first television commercial. "Bulova Watch Time" was broadcast over WNBT Television in New York City before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies.

1916, Coca-Cola introduced the current coke formula to the market.

1847, the first adhesive postage stamps went on sale.

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