Catching Up…this could headline the whole week!

I had a good and interesting vacation and I was able to see my dad’s twin sister just days before she passed away.Aunt Bet was a good one (we all need an aunt like her) and you’ll learn more about her in this week’s INSIDER column.

Thank you to Preston Scott and Dave Allen at WFLA- Tallahassee for covering the show while I was away.And let’s not forget Jorge Medina who did an amazing job getting the show ready to fit the clock Preston and Dave use on the air.

It’s the little things, sometimes.We’ll begin with my first drive-through trip upon my return.Look, I don’t expect kids to be able to count change.I do expect them to pay attention when dealing with my money!

I can’t recall getting a press release from palm Shores before.I have one now.It’s very Andrew Gillum-like except that Mayor Carol McCormack is actually getting a pass.But it leaves a question unanswered.

Robyn Hattaway is looking out for taxpayers at the port.She’s landed a big one and she’s right.

Texting while driving is a primary offense today, but it won’t land you a fine until the first of the year.We have a list of dos and don’ts you’ll want to know.

Broward County is looking for more scalps to take after Parkland and they have a couple more, but will they get the right ones?

The Brevard School Board (save one) did the right thing when it comes to the teachers’ contract.It’s interesting to see the union snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.What could be a good foundation for the next negotiation has been termed a war by the union.

If you read last week’s INSIDER column you saw the saga of the City of Palm Bay suing the Supervisor of Elections to attempt to get Lori Scott’s office to violate the law.Like that had a prayer of working!Lori is with us today at 8am to talk that, bogus voter registration letters and the new felon voting law.

Welcome to a busy Monday!


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Robyn Hattaway has this right!

Texting while driving: Do’s and Don’ts

Broward looking for more scalps…but in the right spots?

BFT snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Governor signs felon voting bill, ACLU sues immediately

Voter registration mailers confusion

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