WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Here, There and Everywhere

The president came to Orlando to announce officially his run for reelection.Did you go?What did you think?No, I didn’t.I was at the Melbourne rally right after his election and, while I am glad I went, I have no desire to waste a day for such an event again.It was an 8 hour ordeal.Was it packed?Was it inspiring?It’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY; take us there if you like.In fact, you can take us anywhere you’d like to go.

As for me today, we’ll begin in the UK where they prefer knifings be jagged and difficult wounds and their comedy and advertising politically correct.The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, but will it stop the state persecution of people of faith?There is some concern over Justice Clarence Thomas’ take on one recent ruling and they fear it means abortion may not be protected by Row v Wade.Make no mistake legislators are coming after your guns and they are not ashamed to say so.Sheriff Scott Israel, removed from office by Governor DeSantis, is fighting in the Florida Senate to get his old job back.

We’ll take some time this morning to introduce you to Preston Scott, morning host at WFLA in Tallahassee and Panama City.We’ll bring you his show when I am on vacation starting Friday.Don’t worry, I get to return the favor when he’s gone the week I return.

Yours or mine, the conversation is open today to anything on BML.


UK knife plan = tougher wounds

UK stereotype ban will kill humor and funny ads

Supreme Court rules for Sweet Cakes

Concern over Clarence Thomas opinion and abortion

They ARE coming after your guns

Israel fighting removal from office in FL Senate

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