Superintendent Offers New Pay Plan- Union Just Says No

Brevard’s school district and the teachers’ union have been at odds for a long time.The impasse brought a special magistrate’s views into play and things are still no better.Superintendent Mark Mullins announced a new offer to the union yesterday and the union summarily dismissed it.We have school safety to consider and other education issues in play.In hour three today Superintendent Mark Mullins joins us to talk all of the above.

As we begin our day a university conflict that should not exist is happening- a Wiccan professor is suing the Catholic university where she works over not being promoted.Why would a Catholic school hire a Wiccan anyway?

Remember the trans-female who won an NCAA track championship.He says competing as a woman puts him at a disadvantage!Right, buddy!

And the County Commission is taking a look at the ill-thought-out words of Commissioner Bryan Lober. Whether the commission acts remains to be seen, but if they don’t do something Lober will continue to be an embarrassment to us all.


Wiccan prof sues Catholic university over promotion

Trans hurdler champ- disadvantage in competing with females

At least one Dem says party has to define as NOT socialist

Commission considers Lober’s words

Mullins comes up with new teacher pay package

Union refuses Superintendent’s pay offer

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