Commissioner Bryan Lober: A National Embarrassment

Last week governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill allowing driverless cars to operate on Florida roads.It’s our web poll as we begin the week.Is this a good idea or is the technology not ready for prime time?When you can no longer believe your eyes when watching video, how long will it be until we can’t believe anything?

As for our headline, Bryan Lober can’t seem to understand he’s not out of office just because he‘s not in a county commission meeting.He represents his office every hour of every day that he holds office.There is no separating the two.He’s embarrassing himself, the county commission, Brevard County and all of us.His words, directed at Brevard Democratic Chair Stacy Patel, were undignified and classless.And, while yes, he’s entitled to freedom of speech, he’s also entitled to the consequences thereof.We’ll see what you think this morning.

Also over the weekend we became aware of a Facebook posting of a letter sent to the mayor of Palm Bay detailing alleged misdeeds of Councilman Jeff Bailey.It comes from the man I believe to be the informant in the Isnardi/Aguiar case and he’s again trying to direct officials to do his bidding.We’ll talk that letter and share some thoughts.


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