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Investigators Find More Improper Spending By UCF 

(Orlando, FL) -- UCF's spending problems appear to be bigger than previously thought. An investigator, hired by the school, announced yesterday that the school misspent 100-million dollars over the last nine years. A previous investigation by state lawmakers found the school misspent 85-million dollars in the last six years. The investigations started after state officials learned last year the school had improperly spent operating funds to build Trevor Colbourn Hall. 

FAMU Financial Officials Fired 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Two FAMU officials are paying the price for the school's spending practices. University officials announced yesterday that budget director Ronica Mathis and controller Tiffany Holmes, who was also assistant VP, have been fired. FAMU is under investigation for violating state policy by using auxiliary funds for athletics. CFO Wanda Ford resigned last week. 

Man Accused Of Sexual Battery Of Child 

(Cocoa, FL) -- A Brevard County man is accused of sexual battery of a child. Cocoa's Jamal Davis was charged after he was arrested on another charge. In that case in Palm Bay, the 25-year-old is accused of offering to pay a woman to have sex with her child. The new charge involves a three-year-old boy, and police are worried there could be more victims.  

DeSantis In Okaloosa County For Bill Signing 

(Shalimar, FL) -- The governor will be in Okaloosa County today for what he calls a major announcement. Governor Ron DeSantis will be in Shalimar this morning to sign a bill that bans sanctuary cities in Florida. Congressman Matt Gaetz and State Senator Joe Gruters will be there. Gruters sponsored the bill, and he tells the Northwest Florida Daily News it might be the strongest sanctuary city ban in the country. 

Lake County Church Holding 'Make America Straight Again' Event 

(Four Corners, FL) -- A Lake County pastor is planning an anti-gay rally. Patrick Boyle is the pastor at Revival Baptist Church of Orlando in Four Corners, and he has put together a three-day event called 'Make America Straight Again.' Boyle says the government should outlaw homosexuality, and homosexuals should be arrested and executed if found guilty. He also tells the Orlando Sentinel he wants to encourage people to live a normal lifestyle of a husband, wife and kids sitting around the dinner table.

Sheriff Refuses To Assign Deputies To Anti-Gay Rally 

(Tavares, FL) -- Lake County's sheriff says a Baptist church is a hate group. Patrick Boyle is pastor of Revival Baptist Church of Orlando in Four Corners, and he has organized an anti-gay rally that starts today. He asked the sheriff's office if he could hire off-duty deputies to protect those attending his 'Make America Straight Again' rally, but the sheriff refused. The sheriff's office tells the Orlando Sentinel it didn't want to be associated with a hate group, and the office has the right to turn down any request for off-duty deputies.

Doctor Imposter Seen At Local Hospitals 

(Miami, FL) -- A Miami man is being warned about impersonating a doctor. Jackson Health System said yesterday it has notified state health officials about the actions of Wilvince Bazil. They say he has been seen at different hospitals dressed as a doctor, and he has been given a cease-and-desist letter. Police have also been notified, but no criminal charges have been filed.

Montana Man Sues Arizona Company For Dad's Frozen Head 

(Scottsdale, AZ) -- A Montana man is suing an Arizona-based cryonics company for the return of his dad's frozen head. The Great Falls Tribune reports that 57-year-old Kurt Pilgeram is seeking one-million dollars from Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Scottsdale, for what he calls the "mutilation" of his father, Laurence's, body. Pilgeram says his father paid the company 120-thousand dollars to preserve his body, hoping to one day be brought back to life, but they instead burned his body and sent him the ashes, keeping only the head. Alcor claims they performed their duty, and Pilgeram just wants life insurance the company received for the procedure. Both sides are claiming breach of contract in a California court.  


2004, the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a constitutional challenge to the Pledge Of Allegiance brought by a California atheist. The man, who sued on behalf of his elementary school-age daughter, said reciting the pledge's words "under God" in schools violated the separation of church and state. The high court said Michael Newdow didn't have the legal right to file suit on behalf of his daughter.

1951, Univac One was unveiled in Washington, D.C. It was billed as the world's first commercial computer.

1943, the Supreme Court ruled schoolchildren could not be forced to salute the American flag if it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

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