Brevard Students to Protest Over Teacher Contract

As we follow-up on a story from earlier this week we see an Ohio college getting hammered for participating in a false narrative that attacked a college town baker for catching a shoplifter of color.Oberlin College will think again as it licks a $44m wound.

A Michigan township has gone after a business owner hard.It seems a tree business would be allowed to grow and cut trees.Well, it seems that way, but that’s not how it works in Michigan.

Brevard Public Schools has declined the suggestion of the special magistrate and is letting the teachers’ contract issue go to the board.Attempts to work with the union were unsuccessful and as the union and its media accomplices misdirect with inaccuracies, the board gets stuck with the decision.But, never fear, there is an answer.Brevard students plan to protest this morning marching to the board offices in support of teachers…because we always turn to teenagers for major, millions of dollars financial decisions!

Florida Today’s Tim Walters is with us in our final hour of the week.We’ll kick around sports, space, the president and an interesting education story that landed a mother in jail for protecting her kid.


Follow-up: Oberlin gets hammered-$44m worth

MI town goes after tree business for cutting trees

BPS says no to Special Magistrate suggestion

Students to march for teachers today

Is this innovative, foolish or both?

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