Ladies, Lingerie and Lies

If women think liberal women are advocating for them, think again. We have two stories: one with undergarments and another without!

Not only does President Trump have more success with Mexico than congress, his own State Department can’t seem to understand that Barack Obama is no longer president.

When college students spread lies and defame a business in a dishonest protest could their college be liable? That answer is yes and we have the story.

It used to be your house and you could do what you like on the inside, even if you were in a HOA. Not anymore.

In political news Scott Ellis will be leaving the Clerk of Courts office, he has a favored successor and there is only one circumstance that may draw him back in. Florida Democrats are disappointed with their state party’s efforts to revitalize the party. Finally, an “assault weapons” ban could very well be on its way to the ballot.


Ladies, cops?Lady cops?

Women legislators failing women

No to LGBT flags at embassies

College whacked for supporting protest

It used to be your house, now your governments control it

Ellis leaving Clerk’s office, backing an office manager

Florida Dems disappointed in party efforts

“Assault Weapons” Ban petition to Supreme Court

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