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Man Killed In Shootout With Deputy Described As 'A Bit Nuts' 

(Melbourne, FL) -- Those who knew a Brevard County man killed in a shootout with a deputy aren't surprised with how his life ended. Neighbors have identified Erik Gebauer as the man killed in last week's shootout in Melbourne that started when Gebauer argued with a neighbor about feeding feral cats. Those who knew Gebauer remember him as violent, quick-tempered and, in the words of one woman, a bit nuts. A childhood friend tells Florida Today the 45-year-old was always ready to fight, and a lot of people thought he was going to lose it one day. 

State Ethics Board Approves Settlement With Gillum 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Ethics charges that followed Andrew Gillum's campaign for governor appear to be behind him, but more questions remain. The state ethics board voted last week to settle charges against the former Tallahassee mayor for five thousand dollars. Gillum's legal troubles aren't over, though, as he's now dealing with a federal investigation into his campaign. Gillum said last week he's not sure what the investigation is about, but he'll cooperate.  

Man Charged With Killing Niece 

(Orlando, FL) -- An Orange County man is accused of killing his niece. Betholet Fify was arrested last week for the murder of nine-year-old Tayanah Paul over three months ago. There's no word on a motive or how the girl was killed.  

Motorcyclist Killed In Lightning Strike 

(Ormond Beach, FL) -- A man is dead after getting hit by lightning in Volusia County. A North Carolina man was riding his motorcycle yesterday afternoon in Ormond Beach on I-95 near mile marker 271 when a lightning bolt hit his helmet. That caused him to lose control of his bike, go off the road and flip. He died at the scene.

Coast Guard Involved In Search For Missing Boat 

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The Coast Guard is involved in the search for a boat that issued a distress call. Jacksonville Coast Guard crews got the call yesterday afternoon from a boat off Port Canaveral that was caught in a storm. A helicopter is involved in the search along with a search and rescue plane. No one has been reported found. 

FSU Baseball Advances To CWS 

(Baton Rouge, LA) -- Florida State baseball beat LSU, 5-4, yesterday in 12 innings in the Super Regionals in Baton Rouge. Junior third baseman Drew Mendoza hit the game-winning single to score junior shortstop Mike Salvatore. Retiring Coach Mike Martin is now taking the Seminoles to the College World Series for the 17th time as he ends his 40-year career.  

Jupiter To Appear Bright And Large 

(Undated) -- Tonight will be the best night of the year to see Jupiter. The largest planet in the solar system will be directly opposite the Sun, making it appear bright enough to see clearly with binoculars. With a telescope, you might even be able to see Jupiter's Giant Red Spot.  Jupiter also makes its closest approach to Earth this year, making it appear larger. The gas giant will rise in the southeastern sky Monday night and stay there until dawn.

Study: Dogs Pick Up Stress From Owners 

(Undated) -- A new study says dogs reflect the stress their owners are feeling, but pets can help calm super-stressed owners. Swedish researchers found a strong and significant correlation in long-term stress levels between dogs and their owners, with one exception. People who considered themselves to be high-strung or neurotic generally had dogs whose stress levels were lower. Researchers say dogs can be an important source of social support. The researchers say, over time, this could lead to lower stress levels and better health for people and their pets. The study is published in the latest edition of the journal Nature. 


2007, after six storied seasons, HBO's hit mob drama "The Sopranos" came to an end.

1985, a "Doonesbury" cartoon strip portrayed Frank Sinatra as a friend of the Mafia. Many of the 800 newspapers carrying the cartoon issued a disclaimer with it.

1985, Coca Cola announces the return of its 99-year-old formula. 

1943, the ball point pen was invented. 

1854, the first class graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

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