Confrontation with Cops Coming Your Way

We have an update on the manager of that Kay’s store that would not allow the armed, on duty cop inside to buy his ring.We also have one on the so-called investigation into the Sheriff’s charity.Is there a coming conflict for you and law enforcement?We are seeing a preview.

Will Melbourne rename Airport Boulevard?Why does the CSC want to make a deal with the county?Why are commissioner Tobia and one TDC member at odds?

Governor DeSantis has signed a bill making it tougher to get constitutional amendments on the ballot.The State Ethics Commission has accepted Andrew Gillum’s fine, but they are not happy with his claim of being vindicated.

President Trump is winning, at least for now, but that’s with Mexico.He’s not winning with his own State Department who continue flying LGBT flags in spite of no approval to do so.This week’s INSIDER COLUMN tackles a similar issue: Better to work with: Congress or Mexico?


Update: Kay Jewelers manager no longer with Kay

Update: Like Sheriff Ivey said- nothing to see here

Your coming conflict with Cops?

Renaming Airport to MLK…problem?

CSC still wants “Let’s Make a Deal,” What are they hiding?

Tobia/TDC member at odds

DeSantis signs bill re: constitution changes

Gillum vindication statement irks commission


No to LGBT flags at embassies

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