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Family Calls For Changes At Uber After Girl's Suicide 

(Orlando, FL) -- A grieving family is calling for changes at Uber after their daughter's suicide. Twelve-year-old Benita Diamond took an Uber ride to a downtown Orlando parking garage five months ago and jumped from the top floor. Her parents yesterday called for Uber to more strictly enforce its rules regarding underage passengers. Those rules call for minors to be accompanied by an adult, and Diamond's mother says if the Uber driver had done his job right, her daughter may still be alive.  

Arson Suspected In Church Fire 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A Tallahassee church says it's the victim of hate. A fire appears to have been set this week at the Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More on West Tennessee Street. The fire started about 45 minutes before mass was to start, but no one was hurt. One church official tells the Democrat she's shocked and saddened, but they hope they'll be able to hold regular services Sunday morning.   

Former Parkland Deputy Freed On Bond  

(Broward County, FL) -- Former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson has been released from jail. He was released yesterday after his bond was reduced from 102-thousand dollars to 39-thousand-500-dollars. He still has to surrender his passport. The 56-year-old is charged with child neglect, negligence, and perjury in connection with last year's Parkland school shooting.

Duval County Parent Wants Child To Be Allowed To Use Medical Marijuana On Campus 

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A mother wants Duval County Public Schools to change its position toward medical marijuana. Kyla Gayles' 14-year-old daughter uses marijuana for her pain condition, but the district won't allow her to use it on campus. She tells Action News Jax her daughter just wants to be able to go to school and be with her friends like everyone else. DCPS says the problem is that Florida's marijuana law violates US law. 

Melbourne Hotel Gets Planning Board Approval 

(Melbourne, FL) -- Land that has sat empty for over a decade in Brevard County could soon come to life. The Melbourne Planning and Zoning Board yesterday approved plans for a new downtown hotel on New Haven Avenue. The Aloft Hotel, if it gets city council approval, will be six stories high once it opens in about two years. The site was once home to SunTrust Bank, but no one has occupied the land since the bank closed in 2006.

Tourist Cracks Old Safe In Canadian Museum 

(Alberta, Canada) -- A tourist is getting credit for unlocking an old safe from the early 1900s at museum in Canada. Stephen Mills said he decided to stop by the small Vermillion Museum in Alberta while on a camping trip with his family last month. A volunteer told him about the old safe and years of unsuccessful efforts to open it. With his two children watching, Mills put his ear up to the safe and dialed the first combination that came into his head -- 20-40-60 and it opened. It turned out the safe which came from a hotel that had closed only contained some papers from the 1970s. But Mills said everyone got pretty excited about his lucky guess, including his kids. 

Today Is National Donut Day 

(Undated) -- Today is National Donut Day. It's celebrated each year on the first Friday of June. The Salvation Army in Chicago created the day back in 1938 to honor the women who gave soldiers in France donuts during World War I. Several locations around the country are giving away free donuts today, including Krispy Kreme, Walmart and Hardee's. Other locations are offering a discount or a free donut with a purchase.


2000, a U.S. District judge ordered the breakup of Microsoft Corporation declaring the software giant in violation of antitrust laws. 

1998, the racially-motivated murder of a 49-year-old black man shocked the nation. Three white men were convicted of chaining James Byrd Junior to the back of a pickup truck and dragging him to his death in Jasper, Texas. 

1965, Sony Corporation unveiled their brand new home video tape recorder. It sold for 995 dollars.

1955, "The 64-Thousand Dollar Question" premiered on television.

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