Brevard Deputy Recovering; Parkland Deputy Out of Jail

One deputy is recovering after surgery following a shootout.Another is out on bond as a system looks to make him the reason people died at Parkland.One should have never been a gunfight.The other was from the onset; but the deputy-whether he engaged or not-and he didn’t, was never the reason people died.The Tampa Bay Times Editorial is exactly right: arresting Scot Peterson is not the answer and there is plenty of blame to go around.

Here’s a great sign of respect for cops these days: Kay Jewelers refused to serve an on-duty deputy (when they had called him to tell him his engagement ring was ready) because he was armed and entering the store.They told him to come back unarmed and off duty!

A Tallahassee court will hear a case that gun dealers in our audience should appreciate.Can local jurisdictions make gun law that is more restrictive than the state’s?State law says no, but that is being ignored!

Brevard Public Schools has rejected the special magistrate’s decision that teacher pay raises should come from reserve funds.We’ll talk that recent development and other county government news with Florida Today’s Dave Berman in our 8am hour.


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