Sheriff Wayne Ivey at 8am!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey joins us in hour 3 today.We’ll talk the WalMart and Indialantic shootings, the arrest of SRO Scot Peterson in Broward County, school safety, the Sheriff’s charity and state regulators and more.

Let’s exploit some kids with Down’s syndrome!You’d be shocked, wouldn’t you?Yet, it is happening in England.

Here in the US being educated in school doesn’t matter.In fact, teachers can be fired for trying to do that.Being safe in school isn’t important either, that is if you ask several districts in Florida.

State Representative Mike Hill has apologized…after he was pressured into it.

Who could be liable for failing to act to protect kids now that Stoneman Douglas SRO Scot Peterson has been arrested?Has the legislature created a monster they didn’t know they were creating?And why is Peterson’s bond so high and the conditions draconian?

These stories and more today on BML!


Drag Syndrome…it’s Downs, but…

Apparently being educated in school doesn’t matter

Neither does being safe while there

Rep. Hill pressured into apology

Rookie thoughts on criminal liability in mass shootings

Peterson bond holds at $ 102,000

Details emerging in deputy involved shooting

Brevard Sheriff charity under investigation

TPO’s Top Road Projects for Brevard

OUTBREAK!Hepatitis A rampant?

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