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Former Parkland Security Officer's Bond Kept At $102,000

(Parkland, FL) -- A judge in Broward County is keeping Scot Peterson's bond at 102-thousand-dollars. In court yesterday, the judge also denied a motion from the defense which would have allowed the former deputy to return to his home in North Carolina to get his passport as a condition of his release. Peterson is charged with child neglect and culpable negligence for failing to confront the Parkland school shooter while working as a school resource officer.  

OSHA Investigating Volcano Bay Incident 

(Orlando, FL) -- An incident at an Orlando theme park now has the attention of federal investigators. OSHA(O-SHA)announced yesterday it's looking into reports of people being zapped at Universal's Volcano Bay water park this weekend. Four employees were temporarily hospitalized, but no major injuries were reported. The park was closed for what it called technical issues.

State Rep. Hill Apologizes 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- State Rep. Mike Hill is sorry for his actions that led to calls for his resignation. The Pensacola Republican issued an apology this week for chuckling at a suggestion from a constituent last month that gays should be executed. In his apology, Hill says he deeply regrets how the tone of his response was received. He added that he believes all lives are equal in the image of God, and he added that he served in the military to protect the freedoms of all Americans. 

Driver Arrested In Deadly Hit & Run 

(Orlando, FL) -- A Brevard County man's Facebook posts appear to have played a role in his arrest for a deadly hit-and-run in Orange County. Palm Bay's Dwayne Drayton was arrested yesterday for the crash that killed 70-year-old Robert Henschel on SR 528. Shortly after February's collision, Drayton posted pictures of his damaged car and claimed he hit a deer. Some who saw the post contacted FHP, and investigators say Henschel's DNA was found on the car.

Feral Cat Issue Brought To Light After Deadly Shooting 

(Indialantic, FL) -- A deadly shooting is highlighting a long-running issue in one Brevard County neighborhood. Indialantic's Erik Gebauer was killed this week in a shootout with a deputy after he and a neighbor got into an argument about feeding feral cats. Neighbors say feral cats have been roaming the streets for decades and some blame the policy of neutering or spaying the cats before releasing them back where they were found. Some neighbors tell Florida Today the no-kill policy isn't reducing the amount of stray cats, and the cats need to be euthanized.  

Police Find Over 150 Snakes Inside NY Home 

(Newburgh, NY) -- More than 150 snakes are adjusting to a new home. Authorities in New York found 157 snakes inside a Newburgh home this week. Police were tipped off to the property by medical professionals at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. A man came into the hospital on Monday needing treatment for a snake bite. Doctors found he wasn't certified to own any snakes. When officers showed up at the home, they found all of the snakes in the basement. The animals have now been moved to the Bronx Zoo. 


2011, married New York Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd pictures of himself to several young women via Twitter, but said he would not resign from office.

1981, Carl Lewis became the first athlete to win both a track and field event in the same outdoor championship since Jesse Owens in 1936.

1978, ABC's "20/20" debuted. The original host was Ted Koppel. He was replaced a week later by Hugh Downs. 

1944, thousands of allied troops invaded the beaches of Normandy, France. The event, which later became known as D-Day, marked the beginning of the defeat of Nazi Germany by Allied Forces in World War Two. The invasion was a success and Germany surrendered less than a year later. 

1933, the first drive-in theatre in the United States opened in Camden, New Jersey.

1932, the first federal gasoline tax was enacted. The tax was one-penny per gallon of gas.

1833, Andrew Jackson became the first U.S. president to ride in a railroad car. 

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