WOW: Brevard Deputy Shootout! Parkland SRO Arrested for Inaction

A Brevard Sheriff’s Deputy was in a gun battle in an Indialantic neighborhood last night.The deputy survived.His assailant didn’t.It was over a dispute about feral cats!

Parkland SRO Scot Peterson has been arrested in Broward County for not engaging the Stoneman Douglas school shooter over a year ago.Is Peterson a coward?Did he react as trained or instructed by supervisory personnel?The FDLE investigation seems extensive, yet Peterson’s attorneys say there is no basis for the charges.

Virginia’s governor has responded to the Virginia Beach shooting with proposals for gun bans and more.

In news not involving gunfire one Florida Today letter writer takes me on over my comments on the #metoo event.If only the writer was a listener and not simply a reader of MICKnugget scripts in the Sunday paper!

A priest is under fire for his comments regarding Gay pride Month.From a Christian perspective he is absolutely correct.Nice to see he’s standing his ground.

It’s unlikely we get beyond those stories today, but we do have a list of road priorities for Brevard’s TPO, the BCSO charity under investigation and a look at hepatitis A in Brevard.

Besides, it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and we go where you like…today on BML.


Making my point, missing the event!

Priest stands by comments on PRIDE month

VA Governor has kneejerk reaction to Virginia Beach shooting

INDIALANTIC: Brevard Deputy/suspect exchange gunfire, Deputy survives

Former Parkland SRO arrested for failing to take action

The Affidavit for Warrant in Peterson’s case

TPO’s Top Road Projects for Brevard

Brevard Sheriff charity under investigation

OUTBREAK!Hepatitis A rampant?

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